You wrote your first LinkedIn long form post, how do you make sure people see you post?

Congrats you just wrote your first LinkedIn long form post! That is very exciting, but you want people to see your post. LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your content. When you click on publish (and don’t forget to use tags or hashtags) your network gets a notification that you wrote a post. A great way to get started, but there are more ways to promote your LinkedIn long form post.


You might think, email? Yes email is a great way to let people know you wrote a post. Send you colleagues, teams, partners or stakeholders a short email to let them know you finish your first LinkedIn long form post. Make sure you include the link to your post. This is something you wouldn’t do for every post you write but for the first one or ones per month, it is completely fine. Keep in mind, your content needs to be in some way relevant for the people you send an email. But LinkedIn long form posts for Social Selling or to educate people are very often relevant for your colleagues!


Don’t be afraid to share your LinkedIn post across multiple other Social Media channels. Twitter is a great platform to start sharing. You can create a tweet to promote your post and pin this tweet to your profile. This means everybody will see you tweet about your LinkedIn post when they visit your profile. When you create your tweet make sure you include the same image as you used for your LinkedIn post on LinkedIn. And don’t forget to tag people in your tweet. When you tag people, they get a notification about your tweet and there is a good chance that they will retweet your tweet. (I always retweet tweets that promote a LinkedIn post and tagged me in it). You can tweet your LinkedIn post more often but make sure you spread it out over a week or two.


Yes if you want you can share your LinkedIn post on Facebook. Maybe the content is not extremely relevant for your family and friends but when you finish your first post they will be interested to see it! Make sure you mention that this is your first blog post so people understand why you share it with them on Facebook. And don’t forget to add a picture!

Instagram and other channels

You can share your post across other channels as well. Depending on the channel you need a strong image or video. Make sure explain people why you share your LinkedIn post. When you share your LinkedIn post on Instagram, mention in the caption of the image that people can find the link in your bio. This is the only place where you can share a link. And don’t forget to put the link in your bio 😉


If you follow a couple of influencers on LinkedIn or Twitter send them a tweet, DM or message with a link to your LinkedIn post and ask for their opinion. They will appreciate it when you explain why you send them your post and if they like it there is a good chance they will share it with their BIG network. It is key that you send a very clear message, influencers get a lot of messages so you need to stand out.

Your LinkedIn long form post stays on your LinkedIn profile, this means people can see and read your post weeks or months after you wrote it. So when you don’t have a lot of views now, that can change in the coming weeks and months!

With love, from Dublin..

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