My daily Social Media routine

In my blogs I write a lot about what you should (or shouldn’t) be doing on Social Media. I train people on a weekly basis and I answer a lot of questions everyday. One of the questions I get a lot from people I train or advice is what I do on Social Media. And how much time I spend on the platforms to grow my personal brand. I think this is a great question since I’m very focused on growing my personal brand and I’m (unfortunately) not a big influencer, yet 😉 This means people can identify themselves with me which I think is great. This is what I do on an average day:

When I wake up I always check Twitter and LinkedIn first. On Twitter I engage with people who retweeted or replied to me. On LinkedIn I check my notifications and I check in on the LinkedIn Group Social Selling Experts. During breakfast I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feeds and most of the time I post a new image on Instagram. I walk to work, it a 15-20 min walk and I spend most of my time on Twitter interacting with people or I watch YouTube video’s. When I arrive at work I schedule all my tweets for the day. I schedule tweets from around 8.00 am up to 11.00 pm. Every hour 1 tweets goes out, half of the tweets sends people to my own created content and half of the tweets contain Social Media news, trends of research articles. This takes me max 20 minutes. I get some tea and start my day.

I always leave my Twitter and LinkedIn profile open. Depending on what happens during I check my profiles ones per hour. This takes me max 5 minutes. I like all tweets that mention me and on LinkedIn I spend most of my time on work related LinkedIn pages. I never check my Facebook account, because I don’t have the time and I don’t think it is necessary.

During lunch I check my Instagram account and if I didn’t post a picture in the morning I will post one during lunch. I also check my Twitter and LinkedIn profile during lunch but I try to spend as less time as possible on Social Media. It is good to switch of for 30 minutes.

Back at my desk I check the LinkedIn Social Selling Experts Group and I post something. I also post content in other groups that I follow. This all together takes me max 10 minutes, often even less. The rest of the afternoon I focus on work and check Twitter and LinkedIn every now and then. I’m very lucky, I can switch very easily to Social Media and switch back to my work in seconds, I don’t get distracted.  When I walk home from work I always watch YouTube video’s or I call my mom. (yes switching off again)

After I cook dinner, depending on the amount of time I have, I do different type of Social Media related activities. I like to attend at least ones per week a Twitter chat. Twitter chats I really like are #TwitterSmarter or #Hootchat but I also join Twitter chats that I have never attended before. I write Social Media related blogs in the evenings. This takes around one of two evenings per week. I like to spend time on LinkedIn in LinkedIn Groups. I often post content on my own Facebook company page, I test Pinterest at the moment and I read a lot of articles. But my main activity in the evening is interacting with people on Social Media. I send LinkedIn messages and Twitter DM’s. I speak with other Social Media professionals all over the world via Skype and I write some guest blogs for other websites.

As you can see, I don’t spend hours on Social Media during the day (to built my own brand) most of my activities are in the evenings. I really enjoy this and I see the more you invest the better the results are.

If you want to know more or you want to connect with me please contact me, I would love to meet you!

With love, from Dublin..

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