The 5 benefits of Social Selling that everybody should know

I believe Social Selling has an endless list of benefits. To be honest, I don’t see a downside at all around Social Selling. But I’m also aware that a lot of people don’t see all the benefits of this new way of selling yet. A lot of people think Social Selling is part of marketing activities for a business and they see Social Selling as something that adds extra work to their daily job, while it is the opposite. If you are not 100% convinced about Social Selling (yet) these are a couple of benefits that I believe are key for you to understand:

Shorten your sales cycle
A important part of Social Selling is collecting information about your prospects and customers. Researching Social Media profiles helps you to be better prepared for a call or a meeting. This information helps to send more engaging emails or InMails which helps you to schedule calls in stead of doing cold calls. Cold calls take a lot of time. When you are better prepared and you have a good understanding of your prospects and the company they work for it is easier to built relationships which will shorten the sales cycle.

Get a good overview of all prospects in a company
Social Selling helps you to understand who else is involved in the buying process. Since you have access to a lot of social data it is easy to identify other people in a business that are part of the buying process and you can also find people who influence the buying process. The more prospects you engage within a company the lower the chance that they engage with a competitor. And the more prospects you built relationships with the easier it is to sell a product or service. But this is not the only reason, when you only have one relationship in a prospect account you have the risk of this person leaving the business. And that would mean you loose your opportunity.

Engage with buyers at the right time
With tools like Sales Navigator or Twitter Account Notifications you can get notifications with relevant information about your prospects. This means you are always up to date and you have always a good reason to reach out to your prospects. When you see your prospect posts something on LinkedIn or tweets something you know your prospect are active and you know what is on their mind. When you see on Instagram or Facebook that your prospect is on holidays you know you need to wait a couple of days before you reach out to them. (And you can use this information in your email or InMail). Social Selling also helps you to understand where your prospect is in the buying cycle and what type of content you need to share to push them through the sales funnel.

Do your own lead generation
You always needs more leads. They higher the number of qualified leads to higher the change that you hit your target. Social Selling is a very effective way to find your own leads and to qualify them in to opportunities. Lead Builder in Sales Navigator is a great way to find leads but also without a Sales Navigator license LinkedIn offers a lot of relevant filters to filter down by relevance. This can help you to built your own list of leads. Social listening on Twitter is another very effective way of generating your own leads. And also LinkedIn groups are a great place to find new prospects. Social Selling helps sales teams to hit their targets easier and faster.

Grow your personal brand
Social Selling helps you to built and grow your personal brand. Your personal brand helps you to grow your network, to built relationships, to find leads, to close deals faster and easier, to get promoted faster and to get hired for your dream job. Your personal brand is a very important part of Social Selling and I believe it is one of the most part of your Social Selling success. Your personal brand benefits you in two ways, it makes your job easier and more fun, and it helps to grow your career faster and better.

I’m a big believer of Social Selling. Social Selling benefits businesses and employees in the business. If we have access to such a powerful way of working what are we waiting for?!

With love, from Dublin..

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