Social Selling is more than using your LinkedIn profile

Social Selling is not only using LinkedIn Sales Navigator or sending InMails. Social Selling is all about investing in long term relationship and Social Selling goes across multiple channels. Using your LinkedIn profile and Sales Navigator in the right one is only the beginning of your Social Selling journey. These are a couple of activities that can have an impact on your Social Selling results!
Twitter Interactions
Twitter is a very important platform for Social Selling. It is a great place to have interactions with people (I believe it is easier than LinkedIn where you need to connect first). But having a good Twitter profile and sharing content is not enough. Make sure you interact with people, retweet their content, reply to tweets and mention people in tweets. This is the only way to built relationships, it is impossible to built relationships when you only share content. When you interact with people they are more willing to listen to you and to pick up the phone when you give them a call.

LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn groups are the place to be for Social Selling. These groups are safe environments and this means people trust the people in this group. LinkedIn groups are the place where people ask for advice and tips. And it is also the place where people share knowledge and experience. But, people need to know you and trust you in the group first before they take your advice and tips. And this comes back to point one, interact with people. When you only share content or you only listen in groups you will never built relationships. Join conversations in groups, give advice and make yourself visible in a good way.

DM’s and private messages 
To make relationships better and stronger you can use DM’s and private messages. This is a great way to share content that is relevant for your prospect but also to have more in depth conversations. You can talk about their business, the challenges they have but you can also talk about market trends or innovations. When you start to communicate via private messages you talk the relationship to the next level. This is also the place where you can talk about the products you offer (of course in a nice way).

Face to face meetings
Face to face meetings are a very important part of Social Selling. With face to face meetings I mean attending events or workshops and meet with prospects. But even a Skype call can have the same impact as a face to face meeting. I believe that face to face meetings are key for the relationships you built. After a face to face meeting people are more open to hear about your products but also to give you a warm introduction in to another prospect. When you invite somebody for an event, make sure you attend the event as well so you can start building the relationship. You will see that after the event it is easier to call your prospect and easier to sell your product!

Social Selling is more than just sharing content. Make sure you include all the elements and you will be successful with Social Selling!

With love, from Dublin..

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