The 4 stages of becoming a Social Seller

Becoming a successful Social Seller takes time. For a lot of people Social Selling is a new way of engaging and working with customers and prospects. Every successful Social Seller goes through 4 stages to become a successful Social Seller. People who are less successful with Social Selling often didn’t make it to the last stage.. 

Stage 1 What is Social Selling?
In stage 1 people learn about Social Selling. Very often people move to new roles, join new companies or hear other people talking about Social Selling. In this stage people often have incomplete Social Media profiles or profiles that are not focused on prospects and customers. In stage 1 people become aware of Social Selling, how they can use it and why it is important to update their profiles. In this stage it is important that people learn what Social Selling means and why it is important for them. This is also the stage where people get aware of building personal brands online.

Stage 2 Building the foundation of Social Selling
In stage 2 people understand the value of Social Selling and they are convinced that Social Selling can help them in their daily jobs. In this stage people start to update their Social Media profiles with the focus on prospects and customers. This is also the stage where start to built their network with relevant connections. It is really important in this stage that people get feedback on their profiles to understand if they built good foundations for Social Selling. In this stage people are aware of the fact that they need to do some work and get some training to become a Social Seller. Most people are extremely motivated in this stage.

Stage 3 The beginning of Social Selling
In this stage Social Selling activities start. People have good profile, share relevant content and connect with people to grow their network. This is also the stage where people realize they need to connect with people to grow their network and reach. In this stage people are looking for training/ advice around things like: How do I get more followers on Twitter, How do I get a better response rate on my InMails and What can I write about in an InMail? Best practice and success stories are very important in this stage. This stage splits the Social Selling Experts from the less successful Social Sellers. The learning curve is extremely high in this stage which means that some people are extremely motivated and other people extremely frustrated.

Stage 4 Social Selling is a habit
Successful Social Sellers make it to stage 4. This is the stage where Social Selling become a habit. Social Selling becomes part of people daily job and it doesn’t take much energy or time to be successfully active on Social Media. The people in this stage are very often highly motivated and get good successes from Social Selling. This is also the stage where people start to share success stories, advice and tips. People in stage 4 are hungry to learn more and pick up new platforms and tactics easily. Often are those people recognized in their business as Social Selling Experts.

Understanding the 4 stages helps you to understand what type of training or advice you need to become more successful with Social Selling. It can also be away to measure Social Selling levels in a group of people or company. In which stage are you at the moment?

With love, from Dublin.. 

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