Twitter is shutting down Vine, what does this mean?

The Social Media landscape changes fast. Only the strongest (most used) channels survive. Thursday the 27th of October Twitter announced that they will discontinue Vine. Vine is a looping short video app that gave people and companies the opportunity to share their creativity in short video’s. 

The 6-second looping short video app is loosing users to other video apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube. Although the set up of the app was a bit different from other (short) video providers the app didn’t manage to get a lot of active users on a daily or weekly basis. Which isn’t a real surprise when we look at all the different Social Media platforms that offer (short) video possibilities to their users. Instagram recently announced that they test live video in Instagram stories. Was Vine missing the live video trend?

Twitter promised not to do anything with the Vine content for now. Users can download their Vine video’s and will be notified when any other steps will be taken around the close down. This means you can still view and access your Vine videos but, it is unclear for how long this will be possible.

Closing down Vine, is this the first sign that there is a limit to the amount of successful Social Media platforms?  In case of Vine it is really hard to say, since Twitter struggles to find a buyer for the Social Media platform. But to me it shows that Social Media channels and platforms only survive when people see a real benefit of using them. Instagram stories and Snapchat stories seem to be successful next to each other and I believe they make each other even stronger. Why was Vine not strong enough to survive? Platforms need to be unique, high relevant and understanding what the users like and dislike. And it seems like Vine didn’t tick all the boxes. Will we miss Vine? I think most of us didn’t even think about Vine as a Social Media channel before the news was announced, we all “forgot” about Vine already, didn’t we?

With love, from Dublin..

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