Sharing content during the weekends and evenings

Social Media never sleeps. People can see and read your content when they prefer and this can be in the middle of night. This doesn’t mean you need to be online 24/7 but is also means that Social Media doesn’t stop at 5.00 pm. People spend time on Social Media during the evenings and weekends and if you want to reach your prospects or customers via Social Media you need to be active when they are active. 

Late evenings and early mornings

When you try to achieve your goals using Social Media it is important to understand when your audience in active on Social Media. This doesn’t always mean you need to be “online” but it means that your content needs to show up on their timeline when they have time to see and read it. A lot of people forget about late evenings and early mornings. These part of day the are very important to reach your audience. A lot of people don’t have time during their work days to check their Social Media channels and if they do, they very often don’t have the time to read long articles. The evenings or mornings before work are perfect to read articles or watch video’s. Make sure people get your content during these parts of the day. So when you schedule your content, don’t forget the evenings and the mornings!


During the weekends people are more relaxed and very often not less busy with work. This means more time for Social Media! A lot of companies and Social Sellers forget about the weekends which means it is easier to get in front of people with your content. Keep in mind that people wake up later in the weekends, this means you don’t have to schedule content early on a Sunday morning. When you schedule content for the weekends think about how likely it is that your audience in active on Social Media when you pick time slots.


The content you share during the week should be different from the content you share during the weekends. In the weekend, a lot of people switch off from work and your content should fit in with this. It doesn’t mean that you can’t share any work related content but it is important that your content is a bit lighter and easy to consume.

Another difference between content you share during the day or in the evening or weekends is the length of the content.  During the week your content needs to be short and to the point. Again, people don’t have much time to read a long article. In the weekends or evenings people do have the time to watch a longer video or to read a white paper.

When you share content keep your audience always in mind. Are they active on Social Media, do they have time to read this and is this interesting enough to spend their time on. When you answer is yes, share your content!

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