The best places to find the right content to share

Sharing content, it sounds so easy. But the type of content you share is really important when you want to engage with your followers, become an industry expert or grow your number of followers and fans. And different platforms ask for different content. This means you need a lot of new content everyday to share this on the different platforms. What are the best places to find content?


Twitter is my favorite source to find content. You can find a high number of really interesting content pieces when you use this channel in the right way. There are different ways to find good content on Twitter:

Find hashtags that are relevant for you. (And use these hashtags when you share your content). I daily search for: #marketing, #inbound, #cx, #social, #socialmedia, #socialselling. By using hashtags you can filter the overload of information and only use the relevant content.


Follow relevant people. Every country, every market and every product has his own thought leaders and influencers. Those people are easy to find since they are very active on Twitter. But also relevant media sites as Forbes can have useful Twitter profiles to follow. The content of the profiles you follow will show up in your timeline and this will make you timeline a good source for relevant content.

Twitter lists are another way to filter content. By adding people to a specific list (public or not) you can filter down per product group or market. This means you create different lists for different products or people you want to reach. Creating lists helps you save time, since you only add people who share interesting and relevant content. Adding new people or removing irrelevant people is easy and done in one click.


LinkedIn is another great source for good content. Your LinkedIn connections don’t share as much as the people you follow on Twitter. This means you can read their content and use this content to share with your own connections. Don’t just take the content, share the content with the share option. When you share content this way the owner gets his credits for the content.

LinkedIn Groups are another great place to find content. Active groups have a lot of interactions around specific subjects. This helps you to get an understanding of what content will give you a high number of activity and engagement. Follow only groups that are interesting for you and remove irrelevant groups otherwise you will get an overload of information.


Google Alerts

Google Alerts help you to stay up to date with the newest content around keywords that are relevant for you. You can filter down per country and type of result. The great benefit of Google Alerts is, you receive a daily email from Google with relevant content. Google offers you suggestions you may like as well. I’ve set up Google alerts for four keywords that are the most relevant for me. Select your keywords carefully and don’t over do. A high number of Google Alerts emails can be annoying and will take a lot of time.

Platforms to schedule your content

Platforms as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer and Klout help you schedule your content. But they also help you to find relevant content. The platforms ask you for keywords or hashtags. In the example below I have filtered down by hashtags and language. To filter by language use lang:ES (or any other country code). The different platforms work similar so I would advice you to select one platform and not to use all the platforms.


Find the places you prefer to find your content. Don’t use a high number different sources, this will take a lot of time. Two or three sources is enough to give you a lot of good and high quality content. Schedule your content to save time but don’t forget to check you profiles for interactions and engagement. And don’t forget to personal your content!

With love, from Dublin.. 

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