LinkedIn posts for social selling, this is what you should write about

LinkedIn posts are very powerful. They help to grow you personal brand, they make it easier to built relationships and they help to sell your products. A lot of social sellers understand why they need to write a LinkedIn post but they ask me very often what to write about. Well, the answer is very simple.

1.Write about questions you get
You speak with customers and prospects everyday and I’m sure they ask you questions. A lot of prospects and customers will ask similar questions. Write those questions down during your conversations with your prospects and customers. This will be your inspiration list to write LinkedIn posts! The big benefit of answering questions in your LinkedIn posts is that you are very relevant and that new prospects and costumers see that you understand they market and industry. This means you are a step ahead of your competitors!

2. Write about customers or prospects concerns 
Everybody who works in a company that sells cloud solutions will know the fear that people have around the cloud. Write an article about the cloud and why it is safe to use or explain how it works when companies use cloud solutions. When you write a LinkedIn posts about their concerns you are highly relevant and there is a good change your colleagues will share you LinkedIn post as well!

3. Write about industry trends
People love to read articles about trends in their industry. Since you know exactly what is interesting for your customers and prospects it is easy to create a LinkedIn post with an overview of industry trends that’s relevant for your audience. You can include some trends that are relevant to the product you sell (but never write a sales focused article!)

4. Write about an upcoming event
Do you want to invite your prospects and customers to an event? Write a LinkedIn post about it! Explain in the post what the event is about, who the speakers are and what the benefit is for prospects and customers to attend the event. In the end of your LinkedIn post you can have a CTA (call to action) to the event page where people can register for the event. After the event you can write a summary with highlights about the event. Perfect follow up for your first LinkedIn post.

5. Write an article that people can learn from
People love to learn new things. Are you an expert in something specific? Write a LinkedIn post about something your prospects and customers can learn from. Do you sell CRM solutions? Write an article about customer centric companies or what to do with all the data you have about your customers. When people learn something from you it will be easier to built relationships and of course, schedule a call!

Make sure you never sell your products in your LinkedIn posts. The goal of a LinkedIn post is to add value to your network. When you add value to your network your built trust and relationships. Are you ready to write a LinkedIn post?

With love, from Dublin..

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