Facebook launches Events App

Facebook wants to be part of our daily lives and they want us to share everything we do. Did you just buy tickets for a concert? Share it on Facebook! An invite for a birthday party? Accept it on Facebook! Facebook loves to connect people and wants to share as much information about you as possible. And Facebook wouldn’t be Facebook if didn’t launch an improved way of connecting people: The Facebook Event App.


The new Event App needs to take away the fear of missing out on something. At the moment it is really hard to stay on top all events that are available on Facebook. That’s why Facebook launched there event app. To make sure that you and your friends don’t miss a big festival or a small party around the corner. At the moment the App is only available in the US and only for IOS users but the App will be soon available for Android and in other countries.

Setting up the App is easy, you download the App in the App store. When you use the App for the first time you tell Facebook your interests. Based on your interest you will get recommendations for events. The home feed gives you an overview of events that your friends will attend or liked. But also events that are organized by pages you’ve liked. If you want to search for events in specific categories you can use the search option. In the search option you can select the day you want to attend an event, you can select events close by or in a specific city. And filtering goes even further. Within specific days you can filter for events early in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening.


You can connect your calendar with the App to have a complete overview of your availability and appointments. This is also the place where you can create new calendar events of Facebook events.

By flagging events with “interested” or “going” you can tell your friends what your plans or for the weekend or the coming week. This should make it easier to stay on top of the plans that your friends have but it should also results in a higher number of attendees for events.

I think this is a very interesting new App from Facebook. It will be very interesting to see the impact on the number of attendees at events. From my view, the App is very focused on B2C at the moment, I would love to see a B2B version of the App. What do you think, will you use the App?

With love, from Dublin..

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  1. This is awesome! I hadn’t heard about this yet. It’s a great move for Facebook, as events is one of its largest assets. I know some people that only use Facebook for the events feature.

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