Why you should live tweet during events

I’m writing this blog after 3 days of live tweeting for a couple of events. With live tweeting I mean having conversations with people who use an event hashtag. Interacting with people who attend or follow a specific event on Twitter. Nowhere days every event has an event hashtag. And a lot of event hashtags become trending topic during the day (s) of the event. To me an event hashtag is a great opportunity for your business or your personal brand. There a difference ways you can benefit from live tweeting during events.

Grow awareness

There is a good chance the visitors at the event are your target group. This means you have a great opportunity to get your name out there! When people tweet using the event hashtag you can like their tweets. People will get a notification and will see your Twitter handle/brand. This is great but, when you reply to tweets you create even more awareness! Every time you reply to a tweet and you use the event hashtag everybody can see your tweet and this means everybody can see your brand or profile! This is a very easy way to get brand awareness.

Reach people offline

A lot of events have a Twitter wall that shows a live stream of event tweets. When you tweet using the event hashtag your tweet will show up on the screen. This means you can reach people offline as well! Make sure you have a good profile picture because some event show very big profile pictures of the people who tweet 🙂

Drive people to your stand/booth

When people tweet using the event hashtag you can ask them to come to your stand or booth. Make sure you give them a good reason to come to your booth, a great offer, a competition, a price or maybe a nice cup of coffee! Don’t try to sell via Twitter, the sell happens when they come to your stand or booth.

Grow your number of followers

Joining online Twitter conversations during events is a great way to grow your follower number. When you interact with people, they are more willing to follow you. Follow people, like their tweets and interact. You will see a lot of people follow you back. And again, event visitors are very often your target audience so highly relevant followers!

Follow up after an event

You can also leverage an event hashtag to follow up with people after an event. You can send them personal tweets (this can be a lot of work) or you can run a paid Twitter campaign targeting people who used the event hashtag. The way you leverage an event hashtag after an event depends on your goals but you definitely have a great target audience for your personal brand or company.


Having conversations with people using the event hashtag is fun. It is a really nice way to meet new people. You will experience that people are very open to get to know you. So, make sure, next time when you attend an event to live tweet. I promise you, it will only benefit your online presence and your experience at the event!

With love, from Dublin..

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