The 8 habits of highly successful Social Sellers

A lot of people ask me how they can be more successful with social selling. Well, the answer is simple, social selling needs to become a habit. I know that sounds easier than it is. But successful social sellers have some habits that might help you to grow your pipeline as well! 

1. Morning routine
Successful social sellers start their days on social media! They check LinkedIn and Twitter for news and schedule content for the day. This means they know what trends are going on in the market they sell in to and what updates their prospects have shared.

2. Behave like a consultant
Successful social sellers are like consultants. Their main goal is to support and advice their prospects, customers and network. This means they share a lot of interesting content that is not about the products they sell but about the industries or markets they sell in to, like industry trends or tips. A lot of people love to follow or connect with successful social sellers because of their interesting content!

3. Be prepared
Successful social sellers are always prepared with the most up to date information. When they pick up the phone or send an InMail they always use the information they find on the prospects social media profiles. Successful social sellers use the social media platforms their prospects prefer to use not what they prefer to use.

4. No cold calls
Successful social sellers don’t do cold calls. They always engage with a prospect via social media before they pick up the phone to do a call. This helps them not only to get more answered calls but it also saves a lot of time going around gate keepers.

5. Engage in communities
Successful social sellers know where to find their prospects; in communities. They join conversations in communities to support and advice people. This helps them to grow their network and their personal brand.

6. Personalized connection requests
Successful social sellers always send personal connection requests. They understand that it is important to explain to a prospect why they want to connect and how they can add value to the prospect.

7. Social, online and offline
Successful social sellers are very social people. Not only online but also off line. They like to help others by sharing their tips and tricks so make sure you sit close to a successful social seller!

8. Relationships
The most important habit of successful social sellers is that they are always focused on building relationships. These relationships help them to get in contact with the right prospects, create trust with prospects and sell more products!

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