Which Social Influencer fits your brand?

social-influencer-marketing-3Social influencer marketing is no longer new. More and more companies see the value of working with influencers. And more social media users become influencers! But, working with influencers doesn’t always results in success. One of important factors for social infuencer success is to work with the right influencers. Find your perfect social influencers by looking at these points:

When you select influencers it is important to look at their reach. What is the number of followers they have and what is the number of people they reach with their blog posts or vlogs. (total reach) A high number of followers should not be leading but it will have an impact on the awareness around your brand.

social-influencers-marketing-1Follower type
People like to identify themselves with people that are similar to them. This works the same with social influencers. It is really important to look at the type of followers that an influencer has. A social influencers can have 100K followers but if those people are not interested in your product or service you will never be successful. Find social influencers that have your target audiences as followers.

How engaged are the followers of your social influencers? And do your social influencers interact with their followers? This is a really important point. If social influencers don’t interact with their followers, followers will be less engaged. And when followers are less engaged there is a lower chance they will like your product or service! Very often social influencers do engage with their followers (that is one of the main reasons why they are successful) but when you look in to sport hero’s, movie stars or celebrities this can be completely different.

Social Media Platforms
What are the social media platforms your social influencers are active. And does your company have profiles on these channels? When followers of your influencers hear about your products or services they will search for you. Make sure you are ready for traffic on your profiles! But also think about the campaign you want to run with your social influencers, what are the right channels to run this campaign? Do you want video’s (vlogs) or do you want interactions of beautiful images of your products? Think about this first before you select your social influencers.

Working with social influencers should be a win-win for you and them. Do you both benefit from the collaboration? And can you benefit each other? Followers immediately see when pictures, video’s or blog posts don’t fit the influencer and the content will loose it’s value. But when you find the right social influencers you can get great results out of your collaboration!

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