How to manage your Social Media profiles during your holidays

I’m just back from my holiday in Morocco. An amazing country, great people and very few places with free WiFi. To make sure I enjoyed my visit to this beautiful country and to be engaging on social media this is what I did.

Schedule content
If you want to be successful with social media you need to be consistent. And yes I agree when you say everybody needs a holiday (from social media) but social media is always on. To make sure you keep your followers and to grow your audience you can schedule good content. Not as much as you normally would share but at least a couple of shares per week. Scheduling only takes a couple of minutes but it will make a big difference!

Real time 
Share real time content like Instagram stories, Twitter videos of Facebook live video. Of course you can only do this when you have access to WiFi but that is completely fine since you don’t want to spam people with too many holiday updates.

Be active for a limited amount of time
Social media is my passion so when I’m on holidays I still enjoy being active on social media. Allow your self to be active on social media for a limited amount of time. I gave myself 30 min in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening to spend on social media. (Hotel WiFi). Be offline the rest of the day and  focus on the beautiful experiences around you. This balance worked very well for me.

When you spend time on social media make sure you don’t only push (holiday) content. Interact with people. This will help to keep your followers and to get new followers!

Search for great places 
I used social media a lot to find nice restaurants, great places to go and even to find a nice swimming pool! Channels like Instagram give you the option to search on location. And what is better than pictures, opinions and recommendations from other travellers!

I believe you shouldn’t be spending too much time on social media during your holidays. Look around you and enjoy the views, colours, people and food you see! Find a balance that works for you and don’t stress if you don’t post for a day or two. There will be enough time to share content after your holiday 😉

With love, from Dublin..

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