Twitter Account Notifications for Social Selling

For those whole are familiar with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, know notifications are key for social selling. Twitter recently did an update to gives users to option to get notified when a specific Twitter profile tweets. Although they didn’t make a lot of noise around the update, I believe this is a very valuable update for social sellers! More and more people claim that Twitter is as important as LinkedIn for social sellers and after this update I couldn’t agree more! 

This update only works on mobile.

To make sure you get value of this update you need switch the notifications on by visiting your prospect or customers profile. On the right side (the bell with the +) of all Twitter profiles you can switch account notifications on for all tweets or only for live video tweets. I would highly recommend you to set account alerts on for all tweets from your prospects and customers. Not a lot of people tweets more than 2-3 tweets per day and if they do you can always switch it off. Make sure you only set account notifications for highly interesting customers or prospects otherwise you get too many notifications.


When you get notifications from your prospects or customers use this information to interact with them. Retweet there tweet or even better send a reply. Don’t over do this, make sure you don’t behave like a stalker, only interact when you see you can add value.

But there is more you can do with account notofications. Use this information when you send emails or when you have your prospect of customers on the phone. Mention a tweet they shared, when somebody tweets something it means it is in there interest. This means you have highly relevant information about your prospect or customer!

The account notifications help you to always be the first to be informed. When you use these notifications in the right way you are fare ahead of your competitors! Make sure you always engage on the social media channels that your prospects and customers prefer. They decide on the channel to interact with you, not you. So understand where your customer is active before you start engaging.

With love, from Dublin..

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