Why your number of followers is getting less revelant

In the social media world follower numbers are important. The number of followers you have shows how much influence you have and how interesting and good your content is. Celebrities with a high number of followers get paid a lot to promote brands, clothes and food. But, this change now, the number of followers is getting less relevant.

One of the main reasons why accounts with an extreme high number of followers is getting less interesting is because it is difficult to understand who these followers are. When you look at the followers of a celebrity it can be a very wide ranch of people with several interest, from several ages, living in several countries. These followers have only one main thing in common which is the interest in the celebrity.

When we look at generation Z we see that this generation is interested in niche communities. They prefer to communicate in small groups to talk about specific subjects. But it is not only generation Z that moves to smaller communities and groups. A lot of people like to get value out of their time on social media. And value means very often, content from friends and family, content they can learn from or content that entertains them.

Social media accounts with smaller number of followers but with a very specific message are getting more and more popular. People like to follow people with similar interests, people they can learn from. I’ve used this example already a couple of times in my blogs but fitgirls are the perfect example. Fitgirls have a very specific message, they add value and they create a community of followers with similar interests like health, sport, beauty etc. The followers of fitgirls are all very similar. This makes fitgirls very interesting for advertisers as well. Advertisers know when they works with a fitgirl they can reach a very specific audience.

Another interesting aspect of social media accounts with extreme high number of followers is the quality of the followers. Celebrities may have a high number of real followers but a lot of others accounts have a high number of fake accounts because they bought lists or followers. The quality of followers is always more important than the quantity.

And yes, we will always have very inspiring people with a high number of followers but when you look at these accounts you will see that they have a very strong message and they are industry experts. (again, people who add value). So in stead of focussing on the number of followers, try to focus on the quality of your followers!

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