Why you should never stop a runner during her run

Runners are very friendly people. They know their way around (most of the time) and they are very open and easy to talk to. When you are lost or you can’t find a specific location you can always ask a runner for help. But, never stop a runner when she runs! Drive next to the runner to ask for the way. There are a couple of reasons why you should never stop a runner during her run.

1. It hurts when a runner stops
Yes, when a runner stops running it hurts, specially after a long run or a fast run. As long as she keeps on running she’s fine. And the pain is fine when she comes home, not when she still has 4km to go.

2. Starting again hurts even more
Stopping hurts, but starting after the stops hurts even more. And of course, the pain will go away after a kilometer or a bit more but nobody like unnecessary pain. When she starts running again after she stopped her legs start to feel sore and stiff and if she has very bad luck she feels it until she finishes her run.

3. The flow is gone
Have you ever heard of the runners high? Yes,that why runners love to run. Runners high is like dreaming during a run. When runners experience a runners high they are in their zone. So, stopping her will take her our of het runners high which is not only frustrating but it will also make her a bit aggressive since a runners high is addictive.

4. Sweat will come
When do runners sweat the most? Well, they sweat the most when they stop running. So when you stop a runner, sweat will start to show up and this is annoying. Sweat can make her feel extremely hot or cold (depending on the temperature of course) and it picks in her eyes. Not a very pleasant experience.

5. Loose motivation
You can image that everything above mentioned it not very motivating. When you stop a runner there is a good change she will decide to make her run shorter. Just because she is a bit annoyed and frustrated. So, yes feel guilty when you stop her from running 😉

Of course, this is an extreme version of what happens when you stop a runner. And not every runner will go home straight after you stopped her. But it is annoying when somebody stops you when you run. Just keep on driving your car, cycling your bike or walking. A runner will find her way around in traffic and she will show you the way when you ask her.

With love, from Dublin..


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