The end of 140 characters for Twitter?

Twitter is famous because of the limited amount of characters. You need to be to the point and short to use Twitter in the right way. But since videos, GIF’s and images are getting more important for social media users the challenges is getter harder.. But this about the change! Twitter works on a couple of massive updates:

@names will no longer count as characters. 
Social Media is all about conversations. But with a limit of 140 characters a conversation could be challenging. With the new update you can use up to 50 @names in a conversation! You can only use this option when you use the reply button but it means you can add other people to the conversation without loosing characters.

Media attachments don’t count as characters
This is one of my favorite updates! Images and GIF’s make your tweets more relevant and engaging but at the moment they count as characters. This is about to change soon, after the update media attachments don’t count anymore as characters. I guess this will have a massive impact on the amount of videos, GIF’s and images we will use on Twitter.

Twitter that start with @names will show up on timelines
I’m not sure what the reason is for this update, but tweets that starts with @names will show up in the timelines of your followers. This means your followers can see all your conversations. It is a great way to get more people involved in conversations but on the other side, some conversations are not relevant for all your followers.


You can retweet yourself
Yes, soon you can retweet yourself! Is this good or bad? I don’t really know. I prefer to create new tweets and content to keep my profile clean and fresh but I can image this is interesting for companies who want to push a competition or a big announcement.

These updates should be live from the 19th of September 2016. With Twitter you are never a 100% sure that this will happen but Twitter has been talking about this for months so figures crossed that it will finally happen!

With love, from Dublin..

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