How I increased my Klout score from 62 to 66

I was very excited to see my Klout score yesterday, for the first time I reached a Klout score of 66! For those who don’t know what  Klout score is, your Klout score shows how influential you are on social media. Everybody has a Klout score even if you’ve never registered for Klout. You can find your Klout score here.

Klout score

The average Klout score is 40. The higher your Klout score the harder it gets to increase it. My Klout score has been 62 for months (maybe years) but it changed it the last weeks! I got my Klout score up in a very short time and this is how I did it:

1.Connect all your social media channels
Make sure all your all your social media channel are connected to Klout. Don’t forget the channels you don’t use very often! These channels will not bring your score down, they will only bring your score up.

2.Understand the value per channel
Klout split per channelWhen you log in to Klout and you click on measure you can see what your Klout score is. But you can also see the split per channel and the impact per channel. You will see that some channels add more value than others. This will help you to understand how influential you are on these channels. (really interesting!)

3.Be active on all channels
Yes, if you want to get your Klout score up you need to have some activity on all your social media channels. To give you an example, I always share my YouTube video’s on Google+ and Instagram. Make sure you share your content across the channels (when relevant and customized per channel.

4.Interact on your social media channels
The main reason my Klout score went up this fast was because I started to interact with followers and fans on Twitter and Instagram. I used to do this only on LinkedIn and Facebook but since I do the same on Twitter and Instagram I see my Klout score increasing.

5.Share content consistently
Make sure you are consistent when you share content.  This helps your followers to understand when they can expect content. Do you find it hard to find the time to share content? Schedule your content during the weekend (or when you have the time to schedule). I schedule content every day, so I don’t have to think about this during the day. But don’t forget to check your channels for interactions and use your time to interact!

So why should you increase your Klout score? Well, not because your Klout score will change your life. But because your Klout score gives you a good indication of your impact on social media. And the bigger your impact the better your results will be!

With love, from Dublin..


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