Facebook audiences for advertising which you might never seen before!

Advertising on Facebook, I love it. And I’m not the only one, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for advertising. I use Facebook Business Manager on a daily basis to run ads and to optimize campaigns. One of the keys for success with Facebook advertising is the audience you target. Facebook offers a lot of different audiences that you can target, did you know the audiences below exist in Facebook?

Custom audience
Custom audiences is something you will find across a lot of social platforms when you run ads. A well know custom audience in Facebook is your customer list which you upload in to the platform. For a long time Facebook only matched email address with Facebook profiles. Based on the profile match Facebook gives you your audience since and you can start building your campaign for this audience. But since a month or 2 Facebook does not only match email addresses but also phone numbers, first name, last name, company etc. You can upload a list and select up to 15(!) identifiers. This means better matches and more specific targeting.


But this is not the only custom audience you can create on Facebook. You can also create a custom audience based on people who visited you website (after clicking on your ads), based on app activity and based on engagement on Facebook. The last one is a very interesting one. This is one of the newest updates Facebook did in Facebook Business Manager and it allows you to create audiences based on people who watched you video’s, people who interacted with your lead generation cards or people who interacted with your canvas ad. Let’s look at those audiences in more detail.

Custom audience – video
You can create an audience based on people who watched your video in an add. When you select this option Facebook will ask you what type of engagement you want to target, people who watched 3 seconds of your video, people who watched 10 seconds of you video etc. (You can select them all)


After you selected the engagement you can choose which video’s you want to use to create your audience by clicking on choose video. You can select multiple video’s.


When you save this audience it takes a couple of hours before you audience is ready to use.

Custom audience – lead adverts
This audience is created based on the engagement around your lead generation cards. It works very similar to video audiences. When you click on lead advert Facebook will ask you which lead generation card you want to use the create you audience. You can only choose one lead generation card per audience. As a next step you need to select who you want to include in you audience based on the engagement they had with you lead generation card.


When you create your audience, similar to the video audience, it takes a couple of hours before your audience is ready.

Custom audience – canvas 
The last audience is the audience that engaged with your canvas ad. (if you’ve never used a canvas ad give it a try, they are amazing!). Very similar to the lead generation card audience you need to select the canvas you want to use. You can only select one canvas for this audience.


After selecting the canvas you can select the type of engagement that people had with the canvas; people who opened the canvas or people who clicked any links in the canvas. After creating the audience it takes a couple of hours and your audience is ready to be used!

Look alike audiences
And for those who want more audiences, you can create look alike audiences in Facebook Business Manager based on all custom audiences, a conversion tracking pixel or a Facebook Page. This means that Facebook creates an audience that is very similar to your custom audience. This helps you grow your audience with people who have similar interests compared to your existing audiences.

To create all audiences above you need access to Facebook Business Manager. Ones your audiences are ready you can use them in every campaign that you set up or manage in Adverts manager or Power editor.

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