Instagram stories, the improved version of Snapchat stories

It was hard to miss, the internet almost exploded when Instagram laughed Instagram stories. Personally I found it amazing to see the impact of Instagram stories on social media users. And weather you are a Snapchat stories fan or an Instagram stories fan it is very clear that Instagram created the improved version of Snapchat stories. Couple of examples:

Existing followers
An important difference is that a lot of people already have followers on Instagram. This means users don’t have to built a new audience. Users can share their Instagram stories with their exciting followers. Because of the search option it is easier to find interesting people and to get more followers on Instagram than it is on Snapchat. Besides of this, Snapchat users have very limited insights in their followers compared to Instagram where users can see their followers. And with Instagram Company pages users get even more insights in their followers.

Easy interface
A lot of new Snapchat users find it hard and difficult to understand the app. The interface is not very user friendly. Instagram stories is very straight forward and easy to use. Having an overview of the newest Instagram stories on top of users profiles makes it very user friendly. It is very clear that Instagram did some homework..


The engagement is higher on Instagram than Snapchat and this makes sense. A lot of Snapchat users watch content without interacting with the content. Instagram has a very high engagement level, users are very willing to like pictures. On Instagram likes and comments on pictures are visible for users and this leads to more likes and comments. Users start and join conversations and this leads to higher engagement levels per piece of content. These interactions have an impact on the engagement levels of Instagram stories.

Save stories
Users can save their Instagram stories on their camera roll. But that’s not the only option to create a longer lasting impression. Users can post part of their Instagram stories as permanent posts. Viewers can also pause an Instagram story or go back to the previous post. This more more user friendly and and leads again to higher engagement.

What do you think, is Instagram stories the improved version of Snapchat stories?

With love, from Dublin..

One thought on “Instagram stories, the improved version of Snapchat stories

  1. Honestly, I don’t think it is the improved version of Snapchat. It’s a version that I dare say older demographics probably like more because it’s seemingly easier to use. Also, Snapchat was essentially created as a messenger app, so how we define engagement is different on Snapchat than Instagram.

    But what’s interesting here in the States, is that because millennials tend to choose Snapchat more, even traditional tv networks such as NBC and major sports brands like the NFL are brokering Snapchat content deals that you don’t hear of with Instagram. Moreover, a show that was created on Snapchat is now being produced for television.

    So again, Snapchat has it’s benefits and its audience and Facebook-owned Instagram has it’s own unique benefits too. Neither is really better than the other. It just depends on the user.

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