How to get a LinkedIn SSI score of 90

Excuse me, a LinkedIn SSI score of 90?

Good news, you can have a SSI score of 90 without spending your complete day on LinkedIn! LinkedIn SSI, Social Selling Index, gives you a good indication of your Social Selling activities. This means you can use your SSI score as a guideline to be successful with Social Selling. So how do you get your SSI score up and be successful with your LinkedIn profile?

Understand your SSI score

It all starts with understanding your SSI score. Your score is based on 4 pillars. The 4 pillars show you how you score on; your profile, your network, your content and finding the right people. When you score high on the network pillar but low in the content pillar you can focus on content and continue engaging with your network. The 4 pillars help you to focus on the right activities and have quick wins!

Establish your professional brand

LinkedIn is all about your professional brand. Your professional brand is your profile. A good profile has a picture, a strong headline, a summary, experience and rich media. And even more important, the information on your profile needs to be relevant for your network and needs to add value to the visitors of your profile. This means a very customer centric summary, strong and engaging rich media and a clear message. People need to trust you based on the information you have on your profile. A good LinkedIn profile is never finished, this is why you have to update your profile very often.

Find the right people

LinkedIn loves connecting with the right people.  When you have a Sales Navigator license you know how easy it is to find people. LinkedIn measures your search activity. The way I think this measurement works is based on the number of people you search for and the steps you take after searching for these people. If you search for a lot of different people, but you don’t connect with those people, you don’t send messages or you don’t follow those people there is a high change you don’t find the right people according to LinkedIn. This means you will have a lower score on this pillar. Engage with people who visited your profile to connect or use warm introductions (if you have access to Sales Navigator or LinkedIn premium) will help you to get your score up.

Engage with insights

This is my favorite one, but also the most difficult one of all pillars. Engaging with insights means you are sharing relevant content with your network. This means people click on your content, like your content or interact with your content. The better the content you share to more value you add to your network. It is not only important to share relevant content, it is also important to interact with other people’s content. Read their content, share their content and interact with their content. And use the information you find about people and their content when you connect with them. Mention information in invites or messages you send to people. Be active in LinkedIn groups to engage with insights. People are more willing to connect with people who are active in similar LinkedIn groups.

Built relationships

The last pillar is about the relationships you built. Do you have a strong network? Are you connected to c-level people with strong networks? This pillar looks at the quality of your network. It is simple to connect with a lot of people you don’t know just to grow your network. A very strong network with professionals who can help you to grow your career and to reach your goals is more valuable for you and your network. Interact with your network by reading their content, send messages and interact in LinkedIn groups. Add value to your network on a daily basis and use your network to achieve your goals.

An “easy” way to grow your SSI score fast is by writing LinkedIn posts. LinkedIn posts of good quality add value to your network, grow your professional brand, help you to find the right people and grow your network. Start writing today and see the results tomorrow!

With love, from Dublin..

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