This is what happens when you get your dreamjob

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it

dreamjobWhat is a dream job? I believe a dream job is a job that you would do without getting paid for it. A dream job is hard work, inspiring, sometimes challenges but most of the time a lot of fun. Dream jobs are not easy to get but I do believe everybody can get their dream job. I experienced it myself and I want to share with you what happens when you get your dream job…

Waking up in the morning gets easier
When you really enjoy your job you get out of bed easier. This doesn’t mean you become a morning person if you are not but you will get up easier and you feel you have more energy to start the day.

Staying late at work is not a problem
When you really enjoy what you do you don’t mind to stay longer at work. You forget about time when you are at work. Hours are flying by and because you enjoy what you do. Staying longer in the office doesn’t feel like staying late at work. When you get your dream job counting down the hours is no longer part of your day.

You learn faster
When you get your dream job you will be hungry to learn. This means you will learn more and also faster. Reading content in the evenings or during the weekend doesn’t feel like work. This means you will spend more of your personal time on reading work related articles. (or blogging about it!) Learning fast helps you to get better in your job and this means you get a promotion faster!

You take on extra work
When you get your dream job people around you will feel your energy and will see that you are passion-ed about what you do. When you are passion-ed about what you do, you are very often more successful. The more successful you are the more work you will get. You will see that different parts of the business want to work with you. This maybe means extra work but it also means more opportunities for you to grow your careers in your organisation.

You find a work life balance
When you get your dream job it is easier to find a work life balance. Not because you work less or more but because you are in control of yourself. Getting your dream job gives you self confidence. This will help you to switch off during the weekends or holidays. (and switch on for a couple of hours during weekend if needed)

You will be more successful
People will notice that you do what you love. They will feel and experience your energy. I do believe when you get your dream job you will be more successful. Not because you are smarter or faster than anybody else but because of the points above. Being successful is all about being happy with what you do and enjoying what you do.

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