Become a social selling expert in 30 minutes per day

Social Selling 2If I tell you, you have to spend 30 minutes per day on Social Media to be a successful Social Seller, it seems like an easy task. The amount of time we spend on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc is higher than 30 minutes per day. (Yes, be honest with yourself!) But scrolling throw your timeline and liking pictures on Instagram doesn’t make you a successful Social Seller. So how do you get results out of your social activity? Book 30 minutes per day in your calendar and  start planning! This is what a plan can look like:

Monday – Schedule content
Monday is the perfect day to schedule content for the week. (finding content will come back later in the week so you need 1 week to get up and running with this plan) Use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, they give you a good overview of your activities. Try to schedule 3 tweets per day and 1 pieces of LinkedIn content per day. Don’t forget to schedule content for Saturday and Sunday, people are very active during the weekends as well. Spend some time on attaching pictures to your tweets. This will help you to stand out in the timelines of your followers.

Tuesday – LinkedIn / Sales Navigator
If you are lucky and you have a Sales Navigator license, great! If not their is still a lot you can do to spend your time in the right way. Read content from your saved leads and accounts to understand what’s on their minds and what’s in their interest. Check potential leads to find new customers and read leads and accounts news. Use lead builder to create new lists and check your old lists to see if the saved leads and accounts are still relevant. Connect with your customers and send them follow up messages to schedule calls. When you have an interesting piece of content send this content via a message or an InMail to your connections and saved leads. Don’t try to do all these activities in 30 minutes! Pick 2 or 3 activities and focus on these. 

Wednesday – Twitter interactions
These 30 minutes should be spend interacting with people on Twitter. This means replying to interesting articles, interacting in event conversations and showing an interest in the people you follow. Create Twitter lists to help you focus on the right people. Use Hootsuite to filter on hashtags. You can spend 30 minutes interacting with a customer list or with a list of professional like you. Set a goal before you start (I want to work on customer relationships, I want to learn something new, I want to find influencers etc) Don’t get lost in reading content, try to focus on interactions. Interacting on Twitter will help you to increasing your number of followers and your Klout score and it will make you a trusted person. Again, pick 1 or 2 activities and focus on these.

Thursday – Find content
Spend 30 minutes on finding content that you want to schedule on Monday. Take some time to read the content and make sure your content is relevant for your followers. Create a Twitter list of people how share interesting content and take a look at the content your LinkedIn connections / saved leads are sharing. This will help you to share content that your customers will find interesting. When you spend 30 minutes on content you will have a better understanding of your market, your customers and the industry you work in.

Friday – Social Selling expert activities
Friday is the perfect day to catch up with activities you haven’t done during the week. But if you finished all your activities above you have 30 minutes for Social Selling expert activities! Write a LinkedIn post or interact in LinkedIn groups. Check the people how visited your LinkedIn profile and send personalized connection requests. Make a plane to increase your SSI Score or Klout score. Follow up with people how accept your LinkedIn invite and send personal messages. Take some time to find your customers on Twitter, create new Twitter lists and find interesting people to follow. And help others to be Social Sellers!

Some Social Selling activities need to be done on a daily basis. Check @mentions, shares and likes on Twitter and LinkedIn. Check Social profiles before you pick up to phone to make a call. And be aware of the content you have scheduled, things can change really fast and your content shouldn’t be out of date or maybe miss placed. And the most important one, enjoy your time on Social Media!

With love, from Dublin..

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