How to enjoy running (even more!)

BlogrunningMore than 10 years ago I started to run and since that day I felt in love with running. I know running can be hard and intense but most of the time I really enjoy running. In the last years I found a lot of ways to enjoy running even more. And it is time to share these with you! Simple tips and tricks that made my runs easier, more fun, faster and better. I just want to make sure you keep on running 😉

The right shoes: Make sure you run on the right shoes. Too small shoes are painful, too big shoes are annoying and lead to blisters and old shoes give you injuries. Good shoes can be expensive but definitely  worth the money!

The right clothes: Very similar to shoes, make sure you wear the right running clothes. Running clothes should feel like a second skin. They needs t breath, absorb (some) sweat and they should dry easy when it rains. When you wear the wrong running clothes you can get small wounds and these are very painful!

Don’r run too fast: When you don’t train for a specific run but just to stay fit or to loose weight make sure you don’t run too fast. When you run too fast you get exhausted after a couple of kilometers and this will results in short painful runs. Listen to your body and find a tempo that you can manage for a couple of kilometers.

Don’t run too slow: Yes, it is possible to run too slow. When you run too slow you get exhausted as well. You need to get in to the flow. Sometimes running a bit faster will make your runs easier and more enjoyable.

Don’t get annoyed by the weather: This is an important one. Of course, we all love to run in the perfect weather. But, this will only happen twice per year (or maybe a couple of times more if you are lucky). Just take the weather as it is. Don’t get annoyed. You can’t change it, just beat it. The more extreme the weather, the better your workout 😉

Look around when you run: A lot of people are very focused on their body when they run. Try to move the focus away from your legs and look around! Enjoy your view, say hi to people you pass and focus on the road. This will results in less heavy or painful legs, I promise!

Greet other runs: This motivates me the most. I always greet other runners. Just because I know how they feel and it is nice to connect with others. Ones you start to do this you will see how much fun it is!

Ready for your next run?

With love, from Dublin..



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