My experience: The impact of weight lifting on running

Blog_weightlifting_on_runnongAs I told before I combine weight lifting with running. I’m very well aware that running has an impact on my weight lift results and the other way around. But so far I enjoy my workouts and I’m happy with the results. The last weeks have been a bit different for several reasons… One, I have to buy weight lifting shoes since I start to feel my knees when I lift. And tow the weather was good in Dublin to train in the gym so I went out for runs. This resulted in more runs during the last weeks and less heavy lifting. And this is what I experienced:

I run faster
My pace went up significantly for both my short runs and my long runs. My average pace during a long run was normally around 5.30 and it went up to 5.20. My pace for short runs (which I do early in the morning on a very relaxed tempo) went up from 5.43 to 5.20! When I run I listen to my body and I never push to run faster. But I noticed the last weeks that running became easier and my legs are less heavy (or sore!).

Less sore muscles
Weight lifting make my muscles sore but the combination of heavy weight lifting and running make my muscles extremely sore. The last weeks I had less sore muscles. I don’t know exactly why I had less sore muscles. I run longer distances than normal which normally results in sore muscles. I was surprised that I could run 4 days in a row including a 20km run and two 12 km runs without feeling my legs!

Body change
Yes my body changed, not extremely of course, we talk about weeks, not months or years, but I do see some changes. I’ve lost some weight (I guess some muscles) and I also look a bit leaner. This is of course because of the kilometers I run. It is interesting to see how fast you body reacts on exercise changes.

I don’t have specific plan for the coming weeks, the most important for me is to enjoy my workouts. But what is you experience with running and/ or weight lifting?

With love, from Dublin.. 




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