Running tips for your holidays

CaptureMaybe you train for a half marathon or for a 10 km run. Or you just run because you like to run or to stay in shape. So running is part of your weekly activities and you are motivated to go every week. You found your running “flow” and now it is time for your holiday! Sun, sea, drinks and… no running? If you want to stay in your flow or you want to make it easier to continue running after your holiday think about running during your holiday! These tips will help you to run when you are on holidays. 

City trip
A city trip very often means only hand baggage. This means no space for your running shoes. But a city trip also means a lot of walking. Wear your running shoes during your flight and put your flip flops in your bag. Your running shoes will benefit you in two ways, you can walk around the whole city without painful feet and you can go for a quick run in the morning! When I visit a new city and I don’t know my way around I always follow the road from my hotel. When you stay on the same road all the time you only have to turn around and run back. You can make your run as long as you want and it is a great way to see the city!

Beach holiday
Beach holidays are one of the easiest ones to keep on running. If you have the space to take your running shoes with you, perfect, if not? Run on the beach without shoes! This is one of my favorite ones. Running on the beach is a great work out. Running on the beach for 30 minutes feels the same as a long distance run on the road. Do your runs in the morning when the sun is not (yet) extremely hot. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water after your run!

Holiday outside Europe
A holiday outside Europe means a different time zone. For me this means very often early mornings! I normally wake up around 5.00 am/ 5.30 am. Use these hours for your run. Run on the beach or around the city. Is it to dangerous to run in the city or you have no beach close by? Find a gym close to your hotel (or maybe in your hotel) and run in the gym. Maybe not very fancy but it is very effective! When you travel around in multiple countries you can mix road runs and beach runs. Try to run in every city (or country) you visit so every run will be a new experience.

Keep in mind that you are on holidays. So keep you runs short. It is important to give your muscles some rest during your holidays. And of course you don’t have to run everyday. If you normally run 4 times per week, try to do 2 runs per week during your holiday. I really enjoy running during my holidays. My boyfriend and I try to run in every country we visit. And I can tell you, nothing beats a run with a sunrise!

Are you planning to run during your holidays?

With love, from Dublin..


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