Be nice for yourself and achieve your fit goals

FullSizeRenderWhy can some people stick to their healthy lifestyle and others not? Well let me start by saying that nobody can live without a cheat meal, a cheat day or cheat week. Everybody eats or drinks something unhealthy, even the healthiest fitgirls. Without cheating, holidays or birthdays would be boring. But why are some people still successful with their healthy lifestyle and others not?

The answer is simple. People with a healthy lifestyle are nice for themselves. This means they want to feed their body with real food. But is also means they allow themselves to eat or drink something that doesn’t fit in to their healthy lifestyle. This all still sounds very similar to what everybody does right? Well the main difference is that healthy people don’t stress out when they cheat. They accept the fact that they had a bad meal or a bad day and start the next day without guilt. This means they pick up their normal lifestyle and don’t think about their cheat day anymore. (well at least not in a negative way).

A lot of people who try to live a healthy life but are not successful (or less successful) stress after a cheat meal or day. And stress means very often that they feel like they failed yesterday so today is a lost day as well. This means they continue eating unhealthy. Very often this type of behavior continues for weeks or months. Result, there weight goes up and down.

Other people stress because of their cheat day and they stop eating. With stop eating I mean they eat to less to get enough energy in their body. You can do this for a couple of days before you start feeling extremely hungry and grumpy. And what happens when you are hungry and grumpy? Yes, you start eating again and very often not the most healthy food.

So what is the key to be successful with your healthy lifestyle? Be nice for yourself. Enjoy your cheat meal, cheat day or cheat week, accept you had unhealthy food and continue your healthy lifestyle. Do you feel really guilty? Go for an extra run or gym work out. But never stress about your cheat meal!

With love, from Dublin.. 

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