Personal update

Maybe you’ve already seen my last post about my YouTube channel or the new name on top of my blog. I’ve decided to change my blog a bit. This doesn’t mean I stop blogging about a health and fit lifestyle but it does mean I’m adding in new subject to my blog!

I love writing, that why I started this blog. And I’m very passioned about a healthy lifestyle but also about social media. This means I have 2 blogs, 2 Instagram accounts and 2 Facebook pages. On top of this I started my own YouTube channel a month ago (which I love!) All together on top of a full time job is a lot of work. That’s why I decided to bring health and social media together on this blog!

What can you expect? From now on you will find a combination of health blogs and social media blogs on my website. But also video content and more diverse pictures. So I guess it only gets better! This also means I have more time to create more content for my blog and this means more content for you!

On my YouTube channel you find videos about social media but also about my new project: Wendy’s Talks. This project is about me living (a healthy life) in Dublin. So long story short, more interesting content to come… With love, from Dublin..

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