Why I started my YouTube channel

youtube logoA month ago I started my YouTube channel. After hours of watching YouTube video’s about different subjects (including how to start a YouTube channel) I felt like I was ready to do this myself. I believe video content is one of the most powerful and engaging pieces of content you can share with your network. But that’s not the only reason why I started to create video content.. 

Learn to understand video content
As a Social Media Manager you need to understand the power of the different types of content. The best way to learn is to do it yourself. One of the main reasons why I started my YouTube channel was to understand the channel. I read a lot about making money with social platforms like Instagram or YouTube and the more I read about these powerful channels the more it triggers me to set up an account myself to experience this myself. And editing video’s is such a great skill to have, I can’t wait to get more experienced in doing this!

Sharing knowledge
I’m very passioned about sharing knowledge. I believe the more you share the more you get back and learn. A lot of people ask me similar questions about social media. I wrote a lot of LinkedIn posts about these social media questions but I’m very aware that people prefer to watch video’s in stead of reading blogs. Video’s are easy to consume and very easy to watch on your mobile phone! (yes mobile first ;-)). By sharing my knowledge of social media on YouTube it feels like I can reach a wider audience and this motivates me to create more and more content!

Grow my personal brand
My YouTube channel helps me to grow my personal brand. From the first video I made, I got very nice reactions, messages and connection requests. It helps me to meet new people, to work on new projects and to make my personal brand stronger. My YouTube video’s are great content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat! I do believe when you are an experienced YouTuber (which I’m not) you leave other professionals in your market far behind.

Enjoy creating content
I love to create content. By starting a YouTube channel I found a new way of creating content. Making video’s is completely different from writing blogs. The key message is the same but standing in front of a camera is a different experience than sitting behind your laptop. But, magic happens outside your comfort zone!!

So whats next? Well, start with subscribing on my YouTube channel and you will see what’s next!

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