What nobody tells you about working out

Blog about work outsEverybody loves to work out. Working out is hot, it makes you look amazing and it benefits your mind and soul. You can find thousands of articles why you should work out and how it can change your life. As you know I’m one of people who promotes working out. But, I want to honest with you. Working out is great for your body and mind but when you work out 5 times per week and you focus on eating healthy you will experience some things that almost nobody talks about..

You need to sleep at least 8 hours per night
When you work out very often your body needs sleep to recover. The more intense your work outs, the more sleep you need. I really need my 8 hours of sleep. When I sleep less than 8 hours I feel sleepy and tried during the day. Sleeping 8 hours per night and going to the gym before work means I have to go to bed early. Boring? No, I just a morning person 😉

Yes fitgirls are hungry as well. When you train hard and very often your body needs fuel for energy. I really need to eat at least breakfast, lunch and diner. But, I prefer to eat snacks in between those meals as well. This is because I’m always hungry. A lot of people who train every often will recognize this. Working out makes you hungry and rice crackers are not the answer for everything. Don’t forget that fitgirls only post the perfect meals on Instagram, I promise you, those girls eat a lot of food as well. The key for success is to eat healthy snacks and food, not cookies and candy!

Focus on protein
Protein is a fitgirls best friend. This means that every meal needs to contain protein. A lot of fitgirls need to do some research before they order food in a restaurant. (They prefer to eat their own food in stead of restaurant food) Does this fit my macro’s, does this contain enough protein, fitgirls ask themselves a lot of questions before they order. No snacking after a night out, this doesn’t fit the macro’s!

Planning is key
People who work out very often are very focused on planning their work outs. This means they plan other activities (social activities, work etc) around their work outs. And this means they are not always very flexible. I would say this is discipline but for some other people this can be difficult to understand.

Working out can be expensive
Everybody claims working out doesn’t have to be expensive. I don’t completely agree with this. You can run for free but you need good running shoes, you can do classes but you need a gym membership, almost every work out costs something. Put some nice gym gear on top of this and your work out is getting expensive…

But, working out makes me happy and that’s all that matters!

With love, from Dublin..


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