The perfect Sunday run

Wendy blog SundayRundayAs you all know, Sundays are Rundays! Nothing beats a nice long run on a Sunday. Today I had a perfect Sunday run. Not every run is perfect. Sometimes running can be hard and challenging. Most people enjoy the feeling after a run the most. But sometimes you run the perfect run, like I did today!

Perfect weather
The perfect weather for me is 18-20 degrees and sunny. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin. This morning I left the house with 17 degrees. Running in shorts and a sleeveless top is the best running gear for me. Another thing I really enjoy about running in sunny weather is that you tan really easy and fast. Running with sun like today means for me, staying in shape and tanning fast! What else can you wish for.

Perfect run gear
I love to run in new run gear. New shoes, a new pant or a new top make me feel like my run is easier and more fun. Even new socks can make a big difference. (old socks as well since you can get blister very easy!!). Today I run in my new Nike top which I love because of the color and the fabric. So perfect run gear this morning!

Perfect traffic
Traffic can make or break a run. I hate stopping for red traffic light and I hate long lines of cars that need to pass. That’s why Sunday mornings are perfect for a long run. This morning there was almost no traffic. This means you don’t have to stop or running back and forth until the traffic is gone. People are more relaxed on Sunday mornings, they are more willing to stop to let you pass.

Perfect view
The location of your run is really important when you really want to enjoy your run. Running on the beach or next to the beach is the perfect location and view for me. I’m a big fan or running in nature. What I love about the beach is the endless view, the smell of the sea and other people around you with a similar interest. This more I run 17 km and around 8 km of this run was next to the beach, perfect!

Perfect mood
Because of everything above I was in the perfect mood to do my run. This means I fully enjoy every step I take. I really appreciate that I can run long runs like this one. When I’m in a good mood like this morning I get lots of inspiration for my blogs and vlogs. So when I came home I wrote down all my ideas. No writers block for me!

The perfect run is good for body, mind and soul!

With love, from Dublin..

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