Fitgirl in Ireland vs. the Netherlands

Wendy blogYes this Dutch fitgirl lives in Dublin. I moved from Breda to Dublin 2.5 years ago. I moved from a city where I knew everything to a city I only visited ones. After 2,5 years I can say I know Dublin and I know and understand the Dublin fitfam. I found out what the differences are between being a fitgirl in Ireland and the Netherlands. (This blog is based on my experience which means you can experience this is a different way) And I love to share my experience and opinions with you!

I’m a runner, for sure. When I moved to Dublin I experienced that running in Ireland is a bit more challenging than it is in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, as a runner you experience the seasons. You run in the sun, in the snow, in the wind and in the rain. Sometimes you like the weather, sometimes you don’t. But you know the snow goes a way, the wind stops, the heat ends. This made it easy for me to run during all seasons. In Ireland the wind never stops. The rain season is long and the roads are hilly. This means a training is harder and this makes you stronger. But this also means it can be hard to motivate yourself to go for a run. Dublin is a great place for runs with an amazing view. You can run in the hills, on the beach or in the city center, if you want you can do it all in one run.

The gym
Because of the weather I train more in the gym than I did in the Netherlands. But I also train more in the gym because Irish fit people are extremely motivational! People train hard, very disciplined and serious in the gym. When I left the Netherlands, the fit culture wasn’t very popular yet. In Dublin it already was and it still is. You see personal trainers everywhere and being fit is a hot topic. From my experience I find Irish people train harder in the gym than Dutch people do. Starting in an Irish gym seeing girls like myself doing Olympic lifting, heavy squats and deadlifts made me start to train with a personal trainer as well. I’ve never experienced this type of work out dedication in the Netherlands. Since I’m very active on Instagram I know Dutch people train hard as well but I still think Irish people are a bit harder on themselves, sorry!

Healthy food
If I’m really honest I was a bit afraid of the food in Ireland. Thinking about Ireland I thought of Guinness, burgers and a lot of meat. This is all true but Dublin knows a very healthy culture as well. Irish people are proud of their local food which is of amazing quality. A lot of the meat is local, even when you shop at Aldi! This was a huge surprise for me. The Netherlands are known for their organic and biological food. A lot of the healthy restaurants and shops in Ireland buy their products in the Netherlands. (Which makes me proud of course!). Although the organic and clean food culture has a bigger presents in the Netherlands, Ireland offers a lot of local and organic food as well. Clean and pure food is important to me and I don’t experience any difference shopping for groceries in the Netherlands or in Ireland. But it is a really fun experience when you read labels of products and you see text in Dutch!

Overall Dutch and Irish fit people aren’t that different. And I’m a very lucky fitgirl who comes home in the Netherland and in Ireland!

With love, from Dublin.. 

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