Runner Sanne talks about her fit lifestyle

SanneA new interview! I interview people with a fit lifestyle to find out what they love to eat, how they work out and why they work out. This week  Sanne talks about her healthy lifestyle and the way she combines a busy life with her passion for running.

A quick introduction, who are you and what does your healthy and fit lifestyle look like?
My name is Sanne, I’m 29 years old, married to Hidde and mommy of Toby (1,5 years old). I always played volleyball when I was younger. When I was 15 years old I run my first kilometers with my father. It all started with 5 kilometer runs but slowly I started to run long distances and more often. Since my 18th I’m fully focus on running and that’s what I’m still doing! Next to running I like to do boot-camp classes. When I’m busy or not really in the mood I still run because I know the feeling after my run is always really nice. That’s what motivates me the most.

When did you start focusing on a healthier way of eating?
Since a couple of years I’m more aware of what I eat. I focus on my protein, fat and carbs in take. Eating healthy is easy for me. I don’t really like cookies, sweets or ice cream so I don’t mind not to eat it. If I want to treat myself I take a glass of soda or some fries. But I feel good eating this way so it is really easy to maintain.

Sanne 2You are a mom, what changed after you became a mom?
After the birth of Toby I recovered for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks I started to run again. But it felt better every time, I was quick fast back on my old level! After two or three months I started to do the boot-camp classes again as well. I really enjoy the combination of running and boot-camp. You use different muscles and you exercise in a different way which makes your body stronger. After the birth of Toby I’m less strict on what I eat but I still focus on what I eat. I can be hard to manage everything and cook every night. I always cook a bit more so I can save some extra meals in the fridge. This works really well for us.

What are you to most proud of?
Of course I’m the most proud of my family. I really enjoy my two men! When I look at my work out activities I’m the most proud of the fact that I’m back on the same level after giving birth to Toby. And about the fact that I, although I’m really busy, always time find to work out 4 times per week.

What are your favorite healthy snacks or meals?
My favorite healthy snacks are banana bread, dark chocolate, homemade muffins of sweet potatoes, mugcaks and nuts. I really love nuts..

Do you prefer to work out alone or with other people?
I like to work out with others but I enjoy working out alone as well. The good thing about working out together is that you motivate and challenge each other. But I do enjoy running all by myself. I listen to music and get lost in my own thoughts. I really like this when I’m very busy.

What tip would you give others for a healthy lifestyle?
Make sure you make time for yourself and try to work out on the same days every week. Pick a type of work out you really and enjoy and give it some time. The beginning is always hard. And understand what you really eat, do some research to understand what works for you. Be prepared with some healthy meals in the fridge and make sure you always have some healthy snacks available. This will keep you away from unhealthy food!

With love, from Dublin..



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