Lianne about her life as a runner

Blauwe Meer-cross 2015

Something new on my blog! From this week on you will find regular interviews on my blog. I’ll interview people with a fit lifestyle to find out what they love to eat, how they work out and why they work out. This week runner Lianne talks about her fit and healthy lifestyle. Lianne is one of the most motivated runners I know. Together we ran lots of kilometers. She got addicted to running when she was 30 and can’t imagine life without running..

A quick introduction, who are you and what does you fit and healthy lifestyle look like?
I’m Lianne, 43 years old, married and mother of 2 kids (14 and 17 years old). I work as a manager in health care and I love to run. A healthy lifestyle means for me being active. Do activities you love and activities that give you energy.

Why is running so important to you and what impact does it have on your life?
I started to run when I was 30 and from that time I can’t image a week without running. Running makes me feel vital. Normally I run 4 times per week. I prefer to run in the woods or up and down sand dunes. I love running in nature, nice and quiet without seeing or meeting people.

What are you the most proud of?
That’s definitely my family! They always have my highest priority.

What is you favorite meal or snack?
I don’t have a preference for something specific but I try to vary as much as possible. But, I don’t really like fat food. Thinking about my favorite meals, I do like tagliatelle with salmon a lot! I do like meat as well but only in small portions. I enjoy eating fruit and vegetables but I enjoy fries ones in a while as well!

Lianne 3Do you prefer to run alone or together with others?
I prefer a combination of both. Ones per week I run alone. The other 3 times per week I run with an athletic club. I’m a member of two athletic clubs and a running group so I don’t have to run alone! But as I said, I really like to combination of both. I run to competitions per month. This motivates me to train and to stay fit.

How important are results and how successful are you?
I don’t compete with others, I only compete with myself. My main goal is to keep my running results stable in combination with a strong condition. And I’m successful in this, I still run the same times in competitions as I did 10 years ago!

What advice would you give others?
Make sure you have enough rest in your life and don’t let others drive you crazy. Listen to your own body and stay close to yourself.

Photos made by Kees Snepvangers

With love, from Dublin..

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