Healthy lifestyle trends in 2016

TrendsIt’s hard to miss, a healthy and fit lifestyle is hot! Sport gear is more popular than ever before and gyms seem to pop up where ever you go. A fit and healthy lifestyle is popular and we share everything we do and eat on social media. But what are the new trends in 2016?

Pure and basic food
People moved from diets to healthy lifestyles. But more important, people don’t trust diet programs anymore. People found out a lot of the light products and powders they used for those diets contain chemicals which isn’t healthy at all! This means we all start to eat more pure and basic food. This means of course organic products but also companies that provide local products like Hello Fresh sell like crazy.

People cook again!
A few years ago take-a-ways were very popular. The easier and faster the better. But, people started to cook again! This doesn’t main the focus on fast and easy is gone. People order fresh food online and only spend time on cooking the meals. Cooking is not boring anymore, it is very popular! Instagram shows spending time in the kitchen is hot again.

Meditation and mindfulness 
“Me time” is more important than ever. People are looks for ways to relax, to switch off, get to know themselves and find inner rest. Was meditation something for boring people only? Today hot and trendy healthy lovers spend more time on “me time” than they do in the gym!

Hiit training
We are all busy but this doesn’t mean we don’t have time to do our work out! Hiit training’s are more popular than ever. Online communities are built to give everybody a healthy and strong body. Simply by following the hiit training’s that those community owners provide. Kayla Itsines, do I need to say more…

Wearable Tech 
Tech is telling us how healthy and fit we are. Fit bits and Apple Watch taking over our lives when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. And this is only the beginning of the tech revolution in the health industry. Our Apple Watch will know us better than we know ourselves.

Boxing is hot again! Specially for women. It is an easy but very effective way to lose weight, to get lean and to get muscles. Boxing classes are overbooked every evening, women are not afraid to sweat anymore and the love to kick some ass! So watch this space.

Personal training
Working out is no longer something you figure out yourself. Lot of people spend money on personal training to make sure they understand what a good program looks like for their bodies. Most of those programs include nutrition plans as well. The times that personal trainers were only available for rich and famous are over. Personal training is now available for everybody in the way you prefer, online, offline or community based.

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