Why Sundays are Rundays

Sunday RundaySunday is a perfect day for a long run! Maybe this sounds a bit weird from a girl who wakes up almost every morning in the gym but I love Sunday Rundays! Nothing better than a long distance run on a Sunday. A lot of people do their long distance run on Sunday. In general, of lot of people do their run on Sunday! But why is this day so popular? And why is #SundayRunday such a popular hashtag on Instagram? The answer is simple..

No alarm
No alarm on Sunday, for a lot of people is this the only day of the week with an alarm. This means it is very relaxed and lazy morning. The perfect way to wake up before a run.

Lovely breakfast
On Sunday a lot of people spend more time on their breakfast. This means very often that they eat a bit more. A good breakfast is perfect for a long distance run. You need slow carbs and natural sugars before your run. So pancakes, mugcakes, overnight oats topped with nuts or yoghurt with toppings are the best way to start your Sunday Runday!

No time pressure
Sundays don’t have time pressure. You can leave the house for a run when ever you prefer. This means a relaxed start. But also during your run there is no time pressure. This is a very relaxed feeling which benefits your run as well. And do you want to run some extra kilometers? You can, it is Sunday, no reason to hurry home!

No traffic
There is almost no traffic on Sundays. Which is great for a long distance run! No waiting for traffic lights, no stressed car drivers and no busy roads to cross. The perfect traffic situation for every runner.

Running shoes imageRun together
During the week it is hard to plan a run with others. Some people start earlier in the morning at work, others stay late at work. But on Sunday (almost) everybody has weekend! Which means it is easier to find some time together. And running together very often means running more kilometers, witch is fine, it’s Sunday!

More time for food
After a long run you need to eat. After a very long run you need to eat a lot. During the week it can be hard to find time to make food or sometimes even to eat food! Sunday is the perfect day to make nice meals. And also to eat a lot of food (if needed of course ;-)).

Time to recover
After a long distance run you need to recover and rest. People who train for a half marathon or a marathon can be exhausted after a run. And nothing feels better than a Sunday afternoon on the couch with Netflix and a lot of food. No work pressure, no appointments just time to relax!

So, do you run on Sundays?

With love, from Dublin.. 

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