How to lower you added sugar intake

BananabreadWow, thanks for all the messages, comments and views on my blog about my 16 months without added sugar! For me, living without added sugar is already normal but looking at all you messages and comments it is actually not! That’s why I will share some of my no added sugar tips with you. Hopefully this will help you to stop eating added sugar as well!

Fruit and natural sugars
Our bodies need sugar for energy. So completely excluding sugars isn’t an option at all! If you do want to stop eating sugar in general please get advice from a professional. But you can stop eating added sugars. This means you will only eat sugars from fruit, honey, yogurt, milk, vegetables etc. These natural sugars help you when you “desperately” need sugar. I always have natural sugar after my dinner. So when you feel the need for sugar, take a piece of fruit or even better, bake your own healthy snacks like banana bread or black bean brownies! I love banana bread, it helps me to stay away from added sugar. Make sure you always have something available with natural sugars in case you “really need” sugar. This will help you to stay away from the bad sweets and candy!

Scream it out!
Tell the whole wide world about the fact that you stopped eating added sugar. The more, the better! When people know about your plan they will respect it and understand it. And this means they don’t push you on a Birthday party to take a piece of cake. And they wouldn’t be disappointed when you say no to there candy or snacks. And the more people know about your plan the harder it will be when you stop your plan and everybody asks about it 😉

Make sure you have the discipline to do this. When you know from the start you will never make it there is not really a reason to start. Make sure you are 100% sure that you want this. Write down why you want to stop eating added sugar and reward yourself when you achieve your goals. (not with candy of course). And stay strong, it can be very challenging and hard but the need for sugar will disappear. The first 2 weeks will be hard but after these weeks it will already be easier.

Understand what you eat
Check labels from processed food. A lot of the food we eat contains sugar but, there can be a big difference per brand. So check the labels before you buy your food. This will take some time in the beginning but you will learn really quick what contains a lot of sugar and what not. Simple example; fat free yogurt very often contains more sugar than low fat yogurt or Greek yogurt. You will find out that this is similar for a lot of products.

Use spices
Spices like cinnamon and cocoa powder help me a lot. This gives a lot of meals a sweet flavor. Find the spices you like and make sure you always have enough of them, so no temptations to take sweets!

You will notice when you stop eating added sugar that your taste will change. Fruit will taste sweeter. This will take some time but it will happen, I promise. A couple of days I go I took a carrot, which I almost never eat raw and I was surprised by the sweet taste. It is amazing how you can change your taste so fast!

What is your plan, will you stop eating added sugars?

With love, from Dublin..


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