Health benefits of blue berries

blue berriesI love blue berries, they taste sweet, they look cute and they are great to mix in your yogurt, mugcake or just as a snack. Blue berries have a lot of health benefits. So if you don’t eat those sweet berries yet, after these health benefits I’m sure you will!

High in fiber, low in calories
Blue berries are high in fibers. 150 grams of blue berries contains 4 grams of fibers. And you can eat blue berries without feeling guilty. A blue berry is 85% water! A full cup of blue berries only contains 85 calories. This makes blue berries a great snack for a healthy lifestyle.

Blue berries are a great source of vitamins C and K. Vitamin C boost your immune system and vitamin K benefits your bones and heart. Vitamin K is not mentioned very often but is a very important vitamin for us.

Antioxidants and blood pressure
Blue berries contain a high amount of antioxidants. The amount is higher than a lot of other fruits. Next to this blue berries benefit our blood pressure. It seems that blue berries have a positive impact on people with high blood pressure.

Brain and mind
Blue berries benefit your brain and mind! They improve brain function and benefit the brain when you get older. So these purple berries make sure you stay smart when you get older. 😉

Muscle recovery after work outs
Blue berries seem to benefit the recovery of muscles after a heavy work out. And sorry guys but girls benefit the most from blue berries after a heavy work out. The blue berries take away pain and fatigue. So add these berries to you yogurt after your work out!

So, do you love blue berries as well?

With love, from Dublin..

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