16 months without added sugar

IMG_0318Yeah, no added sugar the last 16 months! January 1st 2015 I started a challenge, 1 months without sugar. 1 month became 2 months and 2 months became a year. And slowly a year turns in to a lifestyle. I started my challenges because I believe added sugar is are empty calories and doesn’t add anything to our bodies, no vitamins, no minerals not even real energy! I’ve learned a lot in the last 16 months about sugar. In the first months I was extremely strict on sugar. No sugar, no dark chocolate, no honey. This is extremely hard to maintain since almost everything we eat contains sugar. 

Let me start by saying that everybody fully supports and respects my lifestyle. When people offer me sweets or cookies I just say no and explain why I not take them. That’s not the challenge. But it is very challenging to say no to a glass of wine when you are on holidays with your boyfriend. I don’t drink alcohol very often (maybe ones in the two months) but it is nice to drink a glass of wine together. I’m not saying that you need to drink to be social, absolutely not. But I say no to a lot of thinks like desserts, ice cream etc. That’s why I decided to drink wine ones in a while.. And yes wine contains sugar.

I also decided to stop checking a ingredients all the time. I prefer to check ingredients but I know some of the food I eat contains sugar. When I go out for dinner I don’t ask about added sugar in the dinners. (which is the case very often). And when my friends cook I don’t ask them about sugar either. I don’t want to be obsessed with added sugar, mainly because almost everything we eat contains sugar.

My lifestyle means I don’t eat any processed food that contains sugar like sweets, candy, cookies, ice cream, soda, juices, chocolate etc. When I eat at home I don’t eat any dinner sauces or processed food. I do eat natural sugars like sugar in fruit, yogurt and honey. I prefer not to eat to much of these products either so I track everything with MyFitnessPall.  I eat at least 1 piece of fruit per day, I also eat +85% dark chocolate (without added sugar), raises, dates and goij berries.

When you lower your sugar intake like I did your will find out that food like fruit or even vegetables taste very sweet! You also feel the amount of energy you get when you don’t eat sugar. Your blood levels are more stable. I make my own snacks like banana bread of black bean muffins when I want to snack. I use a lot of sweet spices like cocoa powder and cinnamon.

What really helped me starting this lifestyle is telling people about your lifestyle. The better people understand why you have this lifestyle the more they will respect it and support it!

With love, from Dublin..

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