How to lose weight without being hungry

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe in diets. And that’s not because I don’t believe they work, it because I don’t believe in short time solutions. The only way to lose weight is a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle protects you against gaining weight and keeps you in shape. And even better, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t make you hungry! These small tips will help you start living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight without being hungry.

YoghurtProtein is going to be your new best friend
Losing weight is all about the right balance between carbs, fat and protein. You need protein for your hair, nails and muscles. The more you train the more protein you need to eat. But our body needs a lot of protein, even if we don’t work out. Make sure even meal contains protein. And with every meal I mean breakfast, lunch and diner. So ask yourself the question, do you eat protein with your breakfast? Good change the answer is no. Protein gives you a full feeling. So when you take protein in the morning for breakfast you will have enough energy until lunch. And this means you wouldn’t feel the need to snack something sweet.

Eat your meals
Another mistake that a lot of people make is to skip meals or eat almost nothing for lunch or dinner. It is really important that you eat at least 3 times per day. If you prefer to split your meals in to 5 of 6 meals that’s fine as well. But it is so important that you eat enough. When you eat a good breakfast or lunch you take away the need to snack. Sometimes a small portion of extra lunch can keep you away from all the sweet snacks. And I promise you, a bit bigger lunch and less snacks with help you lose weight really fast!

snackFocus on what you eat
This is one of the keys for success. Focus on your food when you eat. Don’t watch tv or check your social media profiles. Focus on what you eat, taste what you eat and enjoy your food. This will help your brain to understand you’re eating and this will help you to eat less and you will feel full after your meal. So no phones or tv’s aloud during dinner tomorrow!

Eat your vegetables first
Remember when you were younger and you had to finish your meal first before you could have your dessert? That was with a reason! Eat your vegetables first, this will give you a full feeling because of the fibers. Eat your protein second and save your carbs for the end (if possible).

Start to read ingredient lists
Check the ingredients first before you eat something. This will help you to understand what you actually eat. MyFitnessPal is a great app to give you insights in what you eat and drink. You will be surprised by the amount of sugar you eat without noticing. The better you understand what you eat the easier it will be to change you eating behavior.

Are you ready to start your healthy lifestyle?

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