What I've learned from wearing my Apple Watch

Wendy with Apple WatchLast September I got the Apple Watch Sport for my birthday from my boyfriend! Since that day I love Apple Watches. I can’t imagine life without my watch. After wearing the watch for 8 months I’ve learned a lot about myself! These are the facts I found the most surprising.

Amount of calories you burn
The Apple Watch measures the amount of calories you burn during the day. Before I started to wear the Apple Watch I used my FitBit to measure calories and steps. The Apple Watch gives you one overview on one screen which I prefer in stand of looking on my phone with the FitBit. But I was really surprised by the fact that I burn more calories during a work out session in the gym when I walk for 20 minutes before I start my session. The walk doesn’t even have to be a power walk. So if you want to burn calories, start walking before your work out!

I also found out I burn more calories sitting at my desk when I work out in the morning before work. It is really surprising to see that two similar days, one with a work out in the morning and one with a work out in the evening can difference around a 100 calories! So an early morning work out impacts your whole day!

Apple Watch 2

Having real time insights in the amount of calories you burn during a day in the office helps me the walk more. It is interesting to see how really short walks have an impact on the amount of calories you burn. This is a great motivation to walk over to a colleague instead of sending an email!

Stand up 12 times per day
The Apple Watch supports you to stand up at least ones per hour for 12 hours per day. During work days it is easy to do this. But I found out it can be really hard on lazy Sundays! I was really surprised that some Sundays I only stand up 6 times! This is not a big issue if this happens ones in a while but for me it was an interesting eye opener. When you have a meeting or a presentation for 3 hours or more it is really hard to reach your 12 times per day!

Relax with your Apple Watch
The last fact I found really interesting is that I’m more relaxed since I have my Apple Watch. I’m a very heavy social media users and a very healthy focused person. The Apple Watch helps me to stay on top of everything with really short, real time and highly relevant updates. I don’t need my phone to stay on top of high level information. This gave me back a lot of time!

As mentioned before, I love my Apple Watch! Do you have an Apple Watch as well? And what do you think?

With love, from Dublin..

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