Do you run 10 km or more?

IMG_0127Running 10 km or more asks for a different way of preparation and training. Everybody can run but to get the most out of your 10 km run and to make sure you’re not getting injured I have some tips and tricks for you!

It is all about shoes when you run. Shoes can make or break your running career. It is important to invest in good running shoes. But don’t just buy a pair of shoes because they are expensive and they claim to be good. It is really important you ask for help. Buy your running shoes in a running shop. Based on how you run and what your feet look like they can give you the right shoes and the right advice. My favorite running shoes brand is Asics. I run on Asics GT2000. Depending on how often you run you can use your shoes for 6-12 months.

Long runs ask for better quality running clothes. Longer runs main very often more training sessions. And this means you will face rain, wind, snow and sun. Invest in a good running outfit. Running gear dries faster, breaths when you sweat and fits perfectly around your body. Don’t forget to buy socks! Good socks protect you against blisters. I love running gear from Nike. It fits really well, you can wash it over and over again and it looks really good!

Make up
Leave your make up off when you go for a longer run. Nobody looks cute after a long run and nobody expects you to look cute when you run. Make up can only be annoying so remove it and focus on your run!

Long runs ask for more energy. Try to lower your sugar intake. The more sugar you take the less energy you will have when you run. Slow carbs help you to keep you energy level up when you run. Do some reach on what you eat and you will see and feel a big difference when you run.

Plan your work outs
Longer runs ask for more recovery but also for consistency. When you built up your distance it is important to stay consistent. Don’t run a long distance ones and than wait a month before you do your next long run. Your body needs to get used to the long distances. The best way to built up your distance is by running an extra 1 km every month. (First month 10 km, second month 11 km etc. in combination with short distances.)

And most important, enjoy your runs!

With love, from Dublin..

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