My work out diary

IMG_9603I get a lot of questions about my work outs. How often do I work out, what do I do and how do I combine this with my full time job. This is my work out diary from last week. When you read this keep in mind that this is not an example of a perfect work out week. Everybody is different and this is why everybody needs personalized training plans. I eat very balanced and have a good understanding of what I do and that’s why I can train 6 times per week. If you would like to learn more, please get in contact with me. Enjoy!

Monday evening is gym evening. I always run a long distance on Sunday so I prefer to go to the gym on Monday evening. This gives my body a couple extra hours during the day to recover. This evening I train my core, arms and back. No leg sessions aloud!

Tuesday is gym evening again. My legs are recovered from the run on Sunday so I can train my legs again! Leg sessions are my favorite. I do full body work out, which is a session with light weights and body weight. I do a high number of reps per exercise with low amount of weight.

Early morning run! I love to run in the morning. This morning I do a 5km run and leave the house at 7.00 am. During this run I don’t focus on time. This run takes around 27 minutes, so I have breakfast before I start my run.

Thursday is rest day. And this Thursday I really need my rest day. Because I walk to work I walk at least 40 minutes per day (20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon). The rest of the day recovery.

Early morning gym session. Early morning means I’m in the gym at 7.00 am. I always have breakfast before I go to the gym. I train for a hour and shower at the gym. It takes me 5 minutes to walk from my gym to work which is perfect! This morning I train legs. I do deadlifts in combination with other weight exercises.

Weekend session are the best! I love the feeling of having all the time in the gym. This Saturday morning I do a full body workout. This session includes a lot of squats. I start with heavy squats and end with low weight squats. I mix squats with weight exercises to train my full body.

Sunday is Runday. I run 15km and enjoy the beach view. 15km is the perfect distance for me at the moment. I can combine this with the weight training I do and I still feel the runners high. Ready for a new week!

With love, from Dublin.. 

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