Not in the mood for your work out?

We all know the feeling. In the morning you plan your work out for the evening. Than the evening comes and you are not in the mood at all! You are tried, busy, lazy or just not in the mood. So how do you get in the mood? Or maybe better, how do you make sure you do your work out? These tips will help you to make the move and do your work outs!

Love what you do
Make sure you do something your really like. If you don’t like to run, do run. If you don’t like to lift don’t lift. When you don’t really like your work out it will be really hard to get in the mood. There are thousands of different work out that you can do, pick the one you love and your motivation will come!

Set goals
When you set goals you can think about your goals when you are not in the mood. What do you want to achieve? And what is the impact on your goal when you don’t go? When you skip work outs it will be harder to achieve your final goal. And nobody ever achieved their goals without working for it!

wendy gymInstagram
Instagram is a great place for motivation quotes and inspiring fitgirls. I always get motivation when I see other people doing work outs. They inspire me to do my work out and to get motivation. So follow fit and inspiring people on Instagram and check their profiles for motivation!

Tell people about your work out
Tell your colleagues at work about your work out. Or tell your friends or family about your plans for tonight. The more people know about your work out plan the harder it will be tomorrow when you have to tell them you didn’t go…

Take your work out outfit with you to work
When you have to go home first before you can do your work out there is a good change you won’t go. So take your outfit with you and change at work. No temptation from the couch or Netflix.

Select your work out outfit carefully
Are you at home and you just can’t get of the couch? Put on your new or favorite work out outfit. You will see, when you wear your favorite work out outfit the mood will come!

Plan your work out with friends

Work out with friends. (with at least 2 others) It is harder to say no to friends. When you work out with 2 others or more there is a lower change nobody will go and you have to do your work out alone.

Work out at home
When you are really, really not in the mood for your work out try to do your work out from home. It is always better to do a short work out than no work out at all.

So, are you ready for your work out?

With love, from Dublin..

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