Cocoa powder, the perfect powerfood

IMG_9883 (1)Cocoa powder helps me to live without sugar. When I mix cocoa powder in my overnight oats or I sprinkle it on my Mugcake is feels like I’m eating chocolate. Cocoa powder not only tastes great is it also very healthy. A lot of people call cocoa powder a superfood and looking at the benefits I couldn’t agree more. For everybody who loves chocolate, these are the benefits of the cocoa powder in your favorite snack! 

Cocoa powder is raw
Cocoa powder is raw, this means that it still contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. The powder is pure so no e-numbers! This makes the powder extremely healthy. If you don’t like the taste of the powder, you can eat dark chocolate but always check the ingredients on the amount of added sugar!

Cocoa powder is a good source of anti-oxidants
The anti-oxidants in cocoa powder protect us against free radicals. And the anti-oxidants have a positive impact on the aging process. So eat chocolate and stay forever young!

Cocoa powder has a good impact on cholesterol
Cocoa powder can help to lower your cholesterol. Cocoa powder contains fats but only the good fats. We needs fat to keep our body healthy.

Cocoa powder keeps your blood sugar levels balanced 
We all know the feeling after eating sugar, you get an energy spike and after half a hour your energy level drops extremely. The glycemic index in cocoa powder is low. A pieces of chocolate with over 85% cocoa has a GI index of 20 which is the same as vegetables!

Does this mean eating chocolate is health?
Yes, but only when you eat chocolate with more than 72% cocoa and maximum 20 grams per day. Some people don’t like dark chocolate but I believe you can learn to eat dark chocolate. Start with 72% dark chocolate and try darker chocolate, with a higher percentage of cocoa after a while, you will get used to the taste. I love 85%-90% dark chocolate and when you get used to the taste you will start to love it as well!

With love, from Dublin.. 

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