This is why girls love to run

Running shoes imageGirls love to run, especially when the sun shines. But why do we love to run? Why do we run early in the morning? And why do we run long distance runs during the weekend? Well, we have a couple of good reasons why…

Runners high

Runners high is a difficult feeling to describe but something we are highly addicted to. When we experience a runners high we have the feeling we’re flying. Our energy level goes up and we feel like we can rule the world. This is a great feeling to start the day with. That’s why we don’t mind going up a bit earlier in the morning. For us, it is a perfect way the kickstart the day. (And yes, we hate the alarm in the mornings as well but the runners high is stronger..)

Sun means vitamin D. Girls need vitamin D. Vitamin D benefits our bones, muscles and it can take away depressions. Nothing feels better than a long run with the sun on your skin. And lets be honest, after running in the sun every girl looks better!

Running clothes
Running clothes are amazing. They are colorful, very comfortable and hip. Some girls wear them all day long! We girls believe a run is even better when you wear a new running outfit. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, do I need to see more…

Healthy body and mind
But the main reason why we girls run is because we want to stay health. We want a strong, healthy and good looking body. And we want a health mind. Research shows very often the benefit of running on our brain, our mood and even our productivity. Running is a win-win for both mind and body.

Girls love to run because we know the benefits and we see and experience the results. We love to run together to motivate each other and to learn from each other. Running brings girls together and keeps girls together. And that’s why girls love to run.

With love, from Dublin..

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