Rio de Janeiro, the city with fit people!

Rio, you are so beautiful!

IMG_0218Last week I was in Rio de Janeiro. What an amazing city! I fell in love with the Copacabana, the sun and the very fit Brazilian people. Rio is a very friendly and colorful city and offers lots of opportunities to live a fit life. When I booked my trip I didn’t expect to be so active, but Rio motivates you to work out!

I traveled to  Brasil with my boyfriend and we both love to work out. So when we woke up the first morning (Sunday) we found out that the Copacabana was closed for traffic and the Brazilians used this opportunity for long runs on the Copacabana. From 6 am the street was filled with colorful running outfits and very healthy and fit looking people. And of course, we joined the runners and ran our first kilometers on the Copacabana. What an amazing running experience.

The next day we visited Cristo Redentor on top of the Corcovado hill. We walked from Copacabana to Parque Lage where we had an amazing lunch. After the lunch we did a 2 hour hike on the Corcovado hill. When we started the hike we were told that you need to be fit and believe me, this was not a lie at all. It was an intense hike but we made it to the top and had the most amazing view over Rio and of course Cristo Redentor.

IMG_0160 (1)Day 3 was our beach day. We started with breakfast, the fruit in Brasil tastes amazing. The sun definitely does its work! Looking outside you see people doing strength training, people play beach volleyball, do yoga, and work out on workout stations. Everything happens on the beach and I would do the same with the nice weather they have! After breakfast we changed our flip flops for runners and we joined the Brazilian runners. Running with sea view is the best way to start the day!
We are Dutch so we did a bike tour on day 5! This is a great way to explore the city. The Dutch organisation offers great tours, definitely recommended when you visit Rio.

Day 6 and 7 started with a run on the Copacabana, one on the road and the other one on the beach. Beach runs are always a bit harder, I really felt my legs after this run! We did another tour with This was a three hour favela tour. Very impressive to see this part of Rio de Janeiro as well.

Rio you were amazing!

With love, from Dublin..


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