How to combine a busy life with a healthy and fit lifestyle

FullSizeRenderLast weeks have been extremely busy. A new job, a new house and a holiday. The perfect combination to get lost in unhealthy habits. Which I didn’t do! A lot of discipline, planning and plastic boxes kept me healthy. A balcony, Facebook videos and a small gym kept me fit. After these weeks I’m sure you can be fit and healthy no matter how busy you are. This are the keys to success:

Food preparation

I still don’t eat any added sugars. Not only because I don’t think it’s healthy, also because my need for added sugar is gone. Next to do I prefer unprocessed food. Which is not also possible, unfortunately. This means finding a balance in eating processed food. It used to be very easy when I had the time but it wasn’t the last weeks. Starting a new job and traveling 3 hours per day makes it hard to eat clean and healthy. Preparing food is the answer! This is what I did:

  • I made breakfast the evenings before
  • I made easy lunches (salad, eggs, chicken, cottages cheese, hummus etc.)
  • I made diner for more than one night

Go to the supermarket ones per week and buy enough! Be prepared when your week starts and plan. Even when it means that you have to prepare food late in the evening, do it. You will have the benefits the next day. When you don’t prepare food you will have the temptations of taking less healthy easy food.

Train at home

I was so used to have time for 5 work outs per week that I’ve never really trained at home. Until a few weeks ago. The only free 30 min I could find in my days were in the mornings. (Which meant, waking up 30 min earlier). So I found some great videos on Facebook with different work outs and I started to work out at home, at my balcony. I love it! It wakes me up in the morning, I have more energy during the day and I even have sore muscles the next day! I started to mix 30 min work out with 30 min runs and my new weekly training plan was born. My next investment will be kettle belts, so I can do even more at home. When you are busy like me, start doing the 30 min sessions in the morning! You will feel and see the difference in a few weeks.

Train during your holidays

I love holidays, but I hate the first work out session after the holidays. It is hard and not fun at all. This year I trained during my holidays. I’ve done beach runs and work outs in a small,very hot gym. Only for 30 min, some days even less but it made a huge difference. I felt better during the holidays and had not problems starting again after the holidays.IMG_8771

Make the right choices

This is maybe the most important one of all. Moving places, starting in a new job, my birthday and holidays contain a lot of tempting food. Try to make the right choices. Go for diner and pick a high protein, low fat meal. Celebrate your birthday but balance it out with other days. Bake your own banana bread when others snack during the afternoon. And when it is impossible to eat clean pick the best option. This really helped me to keep on track!

How do you stay fit during busy days? 

With love, from Dublin..

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