Why I love my legday

IMG_7924It feels really strange saying this but since a few weeks I really love legday’s! I’ve been running 5 times per week for the last years. I love running and nothing makes me happier than a long run in the sun. Since a few months I train with a personal trainer, 3 times per week. This means only 2 runs per week. And long runs (over 10km) are not always possible anymore because of the legday’s in the gym. For a runner like me, not doing long runs anymore sounds like a nightmare. So what makes me love the legday’s? 

The results are one of the reasons why I love to train my legs in the gym. Training legs means for me doing squats and dead lifts. As a runner I always stayed in shape but I never had muscles. Specially with long distance runs you don’t built strength. Since I started to train my legs in the gym I built strength really fast. I can see my muscles grow and I can lift more weight almost every week. And, speaking about results, I created abs as well! With squats and dead lifts you train you whole body.

Strength training works as an addiction. I want to lift more every week and it feels amazing to get used to the weights. I really enjoy pushing my body and seeing results in strength. But strength has more benefits than only looking better. It helps me doing better runs, I have more energy and it gives me the feeling I can handle challenges more easy.

legday 2Sore muscles
Sore muscles make me happy as well. It feels like I trained hard. Being a runner for years I haven’t had sore muscles for a long time. Training my body in a different way leads to new results. I do believe that changing your work out gives you the best results. And it helps you motivate yourself doing your work outs.

When I’m at the gym I’m not only training my legs. I train my full body. The results probably come from the combination of different training’s, exercises and my healthy lifestyle. For me it is really refreshing to do train my body in a new way. I still enjoy my runs but legday is my favorite day of the week now!

With love, from Dublin..

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